Best 2 in 1 laptops under 600 – Complete Buying Guide 2021

Last Updated on April 26, 2021

Finding a good quality 2 in 1 laptop at a reasonable price might sound a joke to you. I mean who would give a tablet as well as a laptop at a not so expensive price, especially that of good quality? However, the reality isn’t as bad as you might think. You will be startled to know that there are countless amazingly good quality 2 in 1 laptop available in the market at no more than 600$. This may sound too good to be true and may come as a pleasant surprise for many. This article is intended to color your perception regarding the quality and price of 2 in 1 laptop that are out there in the market. Hang on for a few minutes, so that you could get out of this dilemma of making the gruesome decision of buying a 2 in 1 laptop – that too under 600$.

Before starting to analyze the specifications of different laptops, let’s have a look at the multiple factors that must be taken into account while drawing a fair comparison.


A device that holds the weight of both a laptop and a tablet often becomes too heavy to carry – directly affecting its portability. For such a device, weight becomes a significant differentiating factor: the lighter the better. This factor is sometimes also proportional to the specifications, for example, bigger the battery, more the weight, or bigger the screen size, larger the device, greater the bulk consequently more the weight. Bigger and better companies still somehow manage to get better specifications adjusted in a relatively lighter device (you would see the devices’ examples later on in the article).

System Performance:

The amount of work a system can overtake is also a considerable characteristic that must be taken into account while deciding the laptop to buy. The performance also depends upon the processor the device runs on. A better processor will make the device run quite smoothly and functioning would be much more efficient. Abetter processor paired up with a good RAM and an up to date software is sure to provide the user with top-notch performance worth spending every penny for.

Battery Life:

Unsurprisingly, the duration of a laptop can survive without being charged is a significant factor that people often take into account while buying a laptop. As far as the battery life is concerned, the longer the better. Commonly a bigger battery is considered to last longer but isn’t always the case. A relatively smaller battery in a device with a highly power-efficient processor will definitely last longer than a bigger battery alone.


Not as important as the other factors, the ability to switch between multiple modes also comes as a demanding factor by a specific group of customers who are interested in buying 2 in 1 laptop.


Lastly, the screen size is also a key characteristic when buying laptops. Being subjective, it depends upon the individual taste of the customers and varies greatly. Some people really love bigger screens for a very varied reason such as their inclination towards gaming and look forward to a better gaming experience, or they love watching movies or TV shows and prefer devices with a larger screen to give them a more cinematic feel and sometimes people just feel larger screens support them by putting less strain on their eyes. Smaller screens are preferred by people who want a more portable device which could be easily used by two hands. So the comfort for each individual differentiates here.

List of Best 2 in 1 laptops under 600

1. Dell Inspiron 13 5000 2-in-1

It is absolutely meaningless to boast about how good of a company Dell is when it comes to making laptops. In the world of laptops, Dell holds its firm position and this is the name which pops up first whenever you think of a laptop. Dell has been producing one of the best laptop series globally and due to all of the promising features it provides, it is also on the editor’s choice. Needless to say, you will get all the latest and advanced features in a single laptop.

Dell Inspiron 13 5000 2-in-1 has a very beautiful screen. Measuring at a 13.3-inch, the screen size is a pretty moderate one. The screen size lies just in between a larger and a smaller display and hence can be an easy decision for people having a hard time choosing their desired screen. The screen also has a 1920×1080 resolution, which is no doubt a very promising quality. You can enjoy movies, games, or podcasts on this high-resolution, vivid, glossy screen with sharp details. 

The weight, as discussed earlier, does depend on the bulk, the material, and the hardware of a device. The weight of this laptop is about 3.56 pounds and the dimensions are 8.8 x 12.8 x 0.8 inches. This means that for the dimensions mentioned, Dell Inspiron 13 can be comparatively heavier than its contestants. Although 3.56 pounds should not be considered a heavyweight at all for a 2 in 1 laptop when it comes to comparison, the slightest of details do matter. The Lenovo Flex 14 (following laptop of the list) also weighs about the same (3.52 pounds) but has a bigger screen size, hence justifying its weight.

The battery compartment of this device is no doubt a reasonable one. You can work on this laptop for up to 7.5 hours with a single charge. This battery time may not please some, something which may be justified because this is one of the lowest battery offering devices in our list. Regardless of this fact, it shouldn’t be iterated that a 7.5hour battery is still a pretty decent one for a 2-in1 laptop. 

With an innovative 360-degree hinge, the versatile and beautiful Inspiron 5000 series 2-in-1 allows you to switch easily between four different modes.

Tent mode is perfect for using recipes in real time, stand mode for movies on the airplane, laptop mode for typing your novel or emailing work, and tablet mode makes reading while you’re reclined easier than ever.

Fast processor and large memory capacity make a perfect combination and let you do anything in nanoseconds and with high speed. You can tackle critical tasks with its 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5 processor.

Its fast processor has the ability to make the processes easy and fast. It has a 16 GB DDR4 RAM that lets you do multiple tasks at the same time and you can do multiple tasks on your 2-in-1 laptop and you can also install games, software or any type of data on its 256 GB Flash Memory Solid State hard drive. You can get all this 2-in-1 laptop under $600.


  • A good 13.3-inch screen
  • Has a high-resolution screen
  • Has a 360degree hinge to allow switch between modes
  • Fast 3.4 GHz Inter Core i5 processor
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 1TB storage


  • No stylus/ touch pen
  • Has a Comparatively lower battery life
  • Most expensive laptop of the list (may go above $ 600 but a second hand can be bought under $ 600 easily) 
  • Is comparatively heavier

2. Lenovo Flex 14

In the world of laptops, you may not ever leave a Lenovo laptop behind, it is always in the game. Throughout the years Lenovo has proven to be one of the most promising companies providing its customers with one of the best products. So be it any category, there is always a 100 % chance of you seeing a Lenovo Laptop mentioned there. This time again, flexing its specifications enters our list of the beautiful   Lenovo Flex 14.

Battery Life of the Laptop is brilliant. Obviously for a portable device, one of the most important factors one considers before choosing the product is battery life. the more the battery life, the higher it scores in its portability test and consequently higher the chance of a customer buying the laptop. The Lenovo Flex 14 packs a very good battery which would last up to 8 hours. For a 2 in 1 laptop, this amount of battery time is more than sufficient, but if you are still not content with the battery the device provides, worry not, because there is something you will be pleased to hear. The device supports quick charging support up to 80%. Battery department is not bad at all.

Weighing about 3.52 pounds, this device is not a strain on your arm (under $ 600 means it is not a strain on your pocket either). As far as the screen is concerned, the 14-inch full HD display is more than enough to watch all your favorite movies, TV shows or play any high-quality video game. For better touch screen experience, the device comes with an Active pen which allows you to write, touch, choose options from the screen and do anything which otherwise the finger could do but with higher precision. 

If you are someone who wishes to keep their work private and wants every kind of privacy option in their device, Lenovo Flex 14 proudly flexes its comprehensive protection with the windows 10 which would serve brilliant against malware or software viruses and attacks. If this was not enough, the laptop has a physical shutter for the web cam which you can close when you are not using it. No more being skeptical about who is watching you through your camera. The privacy aspect is without a doubt a brilliant one.


  • Brilliant battery life up to 8 hours
  • Quick Charging support up to 80 %
  • HD screen
  • Comes with an active pen (stylus) 
  • Windows 10
  • Strong protection against malware, software viruses
  • Comes with a physical shutter to close the webcam when not in use
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Radeon Vega 8 Graphics


  • No warranty mentioned
  • Priced at exactly $ 600 (most expensive from the list)

3. Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft has been the game for so many years now and will never disappoint til the end of time. Ranked among the kings of laptop developers, Microsoft has not for once let its customers down and in most of cases, the fans are eagerly waiting for their new product to launch. This time up, the laptop which we are mentioning in the list is the Microsoft Surface Go. This is one of the best entrants in the Microsoft Surface line up. Microsoft Surface has over the years gained a lot of popularity and is without a doubt considered as one of the most attractive and compelling 2 in 1 laptop. The bar set by the Microsoft surface laptops is so high that it can only be met by another surface laptop and here it is, the very beautiful and elegant Microsoft Surface pro.

This product, like all its predecessors, is a beautiful one that has absolutely no compromise on its design. Rather, there are some differentiating factors that just push this laptop to one of the most wanted laptops of our list.

As discussed previously, portability is one of the most important things any laptop buyer considers or must consider before making the final decision. This department includes several features such as the weight, the battery timing, and its versatility to work in different situations. When we talk about its weight, it just blasts past its opponent with a very low weight of just a minimal 1.15 pounds, less than the one-third of many 2 in 1 laptop out there. It does not just leave behind other companies in this regard, but also leaves behind all the previous Microsoft Surface laptops by being the lightest weight device amongst them. Fitting better specs with an even lighter weight is something you can only expect from Microsoft. 

As discussed with the Lenovo Flex 14, an 8-hour battery life is a pretty decent deal for a 2 in 1 laptop, but Microsoft Surface Go even outlasts that by an hour. With 9-hour battery life, you can easily spend a whole day without having to worry about the low charging. Again, if you still think a very healthy 9-hour battery life is going to be a problem for you, which we believe it would not, you have to put aside your reservations because the laptop also supports fast charging to speed up the things and minimize your worries. Something that Microsoft offers here to greatly increase the product’s credibility and user attraction is the fact that the laptop uses USB Type C cable to charge itself. This now means that the extra mental and physical strain carrying your Charging cable along will also be reduced to a certain extent as USB Type C is the new universal charging cable and it will be something you would not need to stress about while trying to find one when you have forgotten yours. 10/ 10 in the portability aspect.

Again, running windows 10 in S mode, the Microsoft Surface Go is guaranteed to provide you the most up to date software to hasten up your performance and reduce your problems. The performance without a doubt is far superior in this laptop when compared to many others out there but along with that, the security is also greatly improved. Against the software, malware viruses, your laptop will do a brilliant job. These types of features for sure leave the customer with a great amount of satisfaction and make them content while buying the product. 

With a 10inch screen, the device may be a straight reject or a straight acceptance from someone. Screen sizes are definitely deal breakers or deal makers in most of the cases. If you want to buy a larger screen device we would highly suggest you should skip on to the next device (Do not worry, you would not lose the special and attractive features of a 2 in 1 laptop because we have some other highly ranked devices waiting for you in this list).

The additional features include the 10 points multi-touch support and the Studio Mode. The device also supports a pen but sadly it is not available with the device and needs to be bought separately.


  • 9-hour long battery life
  • Supports fast charging
  • Has USB Type C charging cable
  •  Runs Windows 10 in S mode
  • Weighs at 1.15 pounds, the lightest Surface laptop yet
  • Supports 10 point multi-touch
  • Has a 10inch screen (a very relative aspect)
  • Can be used in Studio Mode
  • Supports touch pen (Stylus)


  • Has a smaller screen (a very relative aspect)
  • The touch pen does not come along with the device.

4. HP Envy X360

A laptop list is for sure never complete without a device from HP. It has one of the bestselling laptops ever. This company has a history of creating beautifully designed laptops and promises to deliver its best products. The HP Envy X360 is an amazing machine that provides for the amount you’ll be spending. Apart from the fact that its brilliance shines on paper, its credibility is also attested by many users and nearly every user seems to be more than happy with the device. User satisfaction is a factor that can easily help any person make a choice about buying a device. 

It runs on AMD Quad-Core Ryzen 5 2500U processor providing excellent performance and speed to the system. Furthermore, it has been equipped with a 15.6 inches IPS touchscreen display which has a 360 degrees hinge to fold it in various positions and even covert to a tablet mode for better usage. The screen size is comparatively larger than other laptops, but again, it’s a user’s personal choice.

The HP envy contains 8GB RAM and 256GB storage capacity which is enough for your daily tasks. But if it does not seem enough you can expand the RAM to 32GB for better performance. This is a factor every buyer would love to have. If you think your existing RAM is sufficient, well and good, otherwise, you have the open option of expansion. 

Additionally, the backlit keyboard is a huge advantage for those who love to work at night. These kinds of specifications may seem ordinary on paper, but when used, they not just improve the design and elegance, but also provide comfortability to the user.

The design will absolutely startle just like most of the HP Laptops, and let’s not forget it is very slim but the weight is heavier i.e. about 4.49 pounds. One would have no reason to be angry at the weight, given the specifications, both hardware and software, this laptop provides, every single unit of that 4.49 pounds is justified.

This laptop runs on the AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 graphics card. Not only does it provide the user with rich colors and crystal clear clarity but also an excellent video and image quality. In fact, you can enjoy high-resolution games on this machine. It runs on Windows 10 Home 64-bit system which is automatically upgraded in the background when needed.

The battery life is more than anything you have been looking for. It can run for about 10.5 hours straight in a single charge. On the connectivity front, it has 1 x USB 3.1 Type-C, 2 x USB 3.1, 1 x HDMI, 1 x Headphone/microphone Combo Jacks, 1 x microSD Media Card Reader.


  • Powerful processor
  • It is thin
  • Upgradable RAM and Storage
  • Long Battery life
  • Additional features such as backlit keyboard
  • Beautiful design
  • Has 360-degrees hinge 
  • Beautiful design 
  • Big screen at 15.6-inch (a relative aspect)


  • Heating and Network issues
  • Pricey (above $600 but can be bought below $600 from other sites)
  • Comparatively heavier device. 


The laptops in the list above are mentioned in no specific order. All the laptops are highly capable of outperforming nearly all the other devices in this price range. Packed with beautiful designs and heavy specifications, you cannot go wrong if you pick any of these randomly. Ranging from comparatively lower prices to higher, from lightweight beasts to heavier heroes, this list had everything. Now everything narrows down to your personal choice and liking. We have done our task, now its your turn!