Best Laptop for Law School – Complete Buying Guide 2021

Last Updated on April 26, 2021

If you are a student who is going to join a law school soon, then this writ is for you. You will need a particular laptop for your law school. That is essential for practicing law software that is MyCase, Clio Manage, PracticePanther, etc. This software and such others are not workable on other usual laptops. Due to this, you need to have particular software for your law school. 

As mentioned, this writ is for you because here in this article today; we are reviewing the best laptops for law schools. This will make your buying decision easy that which one is the most suitable for you. 

List of Best Laptop for Law School

1. Lenovo ThinkPad T470

This laptop is a perfect piece for law schooling because of the high specifications it provides. Besides this, the look and design of this laptop are also very professional. Due to this, it suits your profession well, and it is quite durable that you can use it after the completion of your law school. This laptop is perfect if you want high responsiveness and efficiency to get your work done. It gives an ultimate level of seamless performance. The processor this laptop acquires is 7th generation Intel Core i7 that is the reason behind its productivity. 


  • It is high in quality
  • The RAM of this laptop is 32GB.
  • It comes with extra storage of 1TB SSD. 
  • It acquires an Intel HD graphics card. 
  • It also has stereo speakers making worthier to buy. 


  • It is lighter in weight
  • The storage is quite enough. 
  • The battery life is quite great. 


  • It is pricier. 
  • The sound quality is not much good. 

2. Acer Spin 7

This is the laptop that gives you the flexibility to use in any way you want. Yes, Acer Spin 7 is the most versatile option that gives you top-class performance. This is a foldable laptop into four modes that are tablet, PC, display, and tent mode. The laptop gives you a great speed of 1.3GHz, which is because of the 7th generation Intel core processor. The storage capacity is also good that is 8GB RAM and acquires extra storage of 256GB SSD. This all allows you multi-tasking, and you can use as much application as much you want to. 

The battery of this laptop is also long-lasting that lasts for 8 hours on a one-time charge. It is also quite lighter in weight just 2lbs, and it is ultimately thinner in size 0.43 inches. It is a great fit for your bag pack for your law school. 


  • It assures you great speed because of a modern processor. 
  • The RAM gives enough space. 
  • It comes with additional storage of 256GB. 
  • The graphics card of this laptop is also of modern times Intel HD 615 Graphics Card. 
  • It let you use in different modes. 
  • It works smoothly and faster. 
  • Its battery life is great for schooling. 


  • It is thinner in design. 
  • The weight is quite light. 
  • The battery life is long enough.
  • The touchpad is spacious. 
  • Its keyboard is ergonomic. 


  • It has limited connectivity options. 

3. Acer Swift 3

The Acer Swift is a great buy for those who want to have a reasonable price laptop but high in quality. The keyboard of this keyboard is quite straightforward and simple and ideal for the initial years of your law school. The design of this laptop is very sleek and durable. Alongside this, it surprises by its robustness. Its chassis is made up of magnesium-lithium and aluminum metal that assures its lighter weight that is just 1.19kg. Also, it is thin and looks good as its size is just 15.9mm. 

The screen size of this laptop is 14 inches FHD that has just two narrow bezels. The screen provides you sharp and enhances the quality of colors contrast that are pleasing to view. Its 8th generation Intel Core processor gives you A1 performance with efficient graphics performance. 

It is worth buy if you want a laptop for initial years of law school. 


  • Its battery life is quite long-lasting for almost 12.5 hours in a one-time charge. 
  • It acquires a fingerprint sensor that makes it accessibility secure. 
  • It has a Cortana that you can use as a smart assistant. 
  • It has a full range of connectivity that you can connect to several devices. \


  • Its construction is robust and strong.
  • The battery life is great.
  • It has a fingerprint sensor.


  • It does not come with a touchscreen.
  • There is no USB Type-C port.

4. Apple Macbook Air:

This piece by Apple is filled with tons of features; that is why we added this to our list. It comes with the 5th Generation of Intel i5 Core processor, which makes it ultimately faster and efficient. While learning, its memory of 8GB RAMS and 128GB SSB allows you to store as much data as you want. It has pure tone technology that assures you sharp and clear views. 

Apple saves you by its advanced security system of touch ID that is helpful if you want to save any important data or project from piracy or leak. It unblocks your laptop by its built-in sensor. The keyboard of this laptop gives you excellent responsiveness because of its butterfly mechanism. The keys are also backlit LED. It is super light in weight just 1.25 kgs for easy travel. Its battery life is also good, which lasts for almost 12 hours. It allows you to work for hours without any disturbance. For better connectivity, it acquires thunderbolt three bandwidth. It assures you 25% better sound, and that is because of the stereo speakers. 


  • The laptop allows you high-quality video calls by its FaceTime camera. 
  • It has a microphone. 
  • The sound quality is ultimately great. 
  • It is travel-friendly. 
  • It is efficient in working. 


  • It is thin in design and lighter in weight. 
  • Its keyboard is great with backlit led keys. 
  • The battery life lasts longer. 
  • It has great sound quality. 


  • Its CPU is outdated. 
  • Its USB port is not suitable for Type C USB. 

5. Dell i5378-PUS Inspiron

Dell Inspiron is perfect if you want to have a laptop that offers you flexibility and style. The best thing about this laptop is its multiple modes that include the innovative 360-degree hinge. This flexible machine allows you switching your modes in four varied ways. Its modes making it a great use for several reasons like stand way is great for movies on the airplane, simple laptop mode is great for typing your assignments and emailing, the tablet mode is great for reading and searching things for your school assignments, and the tent mode is great for watching recipes in your home. 

The size of this laptop is the everyday and most required size of 13.3 inches. The screen is ample that you can use for hours that won’t affect your eyes. If you are one of those who spend pretty much time on the laptop, then this is a great fit for you. 


  • The screen size is ideal for everyone. 
  • It has 7 generation processor that makes it efficient to work. 
  • The DDR4 RAM is 4 GB. 
  • The screen gives you quality visuals. 
  • It has four different ways to let you use flexibly. 


  • It is light in weight laptop.
  • The screen is wide enough. 
  • It comes with different modes. 


  • Its battery life is just average.
  • The audio quality is just fine. 

6. ASUS VivoBook S

Being a part of law school, you will get into plenty of work that requires you to spend a lot of time in front of your screen to browse several legal cases, for doing research work, for the preparation of case studies, mock trails, etc. A laptop with processor core i7, 16 GB of RAM alongside 128GB SSD would make all these tasks very efficient for you. This ASUS Vivobook S is a perfect fit for you as it is light in weight and seamless in performance. 

The best thing about this laptop is a thin design and lighter in weight. These features make it compact in design and travel-friendly. The weight of this laptop is just 3.7 lbs, and it is 0.8mm slim. It equips NanoEdge display that gives ultra-smooth visuals. It also has an ultra-narrow bezel that gives you wider screen visuals. Another great thing about this laptop is its ergonomic backlit keyboard that assures you comfy and effortless typing. 


  • It gives you a secure connection to several USB connectivity options. 
  • This laptop comes with four easy to access modes. 
  • It has a technology of Tru2Life that gives you optimized contrast and sharp images for video and images. 
  • It has a fingerprint sensor in its touchpad that makes your laptop secure. 


  • Its chassis is thin and stylish. 
  • The display is impressive. 
  • It has top-notch technology, and its look is awesome. 


  • Speakers do not work fine.
  • Its battery life is average. 

7. Acer Chromebook R 13

This is our top recommendation if your law school asks you to bring your laptop. For sure, it will be for doing a lot of research on the internet. Acer Chromebook is a convertible laptop that you can use in several different ways like a tablet, stand, tent, or laptop. It acquires a full HD IPS 13.3 inches of LCD screen along with a 10-point touch display that has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It is powered by a quad-core MediaTek M8173c processor that makes it ultra-fast and efficient that it operates the Chrome operating system. 

Its memory storage is also good that it comes with 4GB DDR3 RAM and you can choose the flash memory from 16GB, 32GB, AND 64GB eMMc. Its battery power is quite long-lasting because of its three-cell battery that it can easily work straight for 12 hours. It has a lot of connectivity options like Wi-Fi, 1 USB 3.0 port, 1 USB type C port, Bluetooth, SD card reader, Full-size HDMI port, and a lot of headphone and speaker jacks. Its core focus is performance, so a great recommendation for law school students. 


  • Its battery lasts for straight 12 hours in single charging. 
  • It has a lot of connectivity options. 
  • It has an HD webcam and an integrated microphone for easy video calls.
  • The speakers are dual and built-in, that gives great sound. 
  • It comes with a full-size chrome keyboard and touchpad that you can click anywhere assuring great functionality. 


  • It is lighter in weight.
  • It is portable to carry. 
  • Its processing power is great. 


  • It does not give a lot of entertainment. 

8. ASUS ZenBook

This new model of Zenbook assures you classy design, performance, and mobility. If you want great speed in life, then this is a great piece for you. It acquires 13.3 inches of IPS display that is multi-touch and gives you high-resolution views with a level of clarity. 


  • It is quite lighter in weight. 
  • It allows you doing multi-tasking, and you can resume a lot quicker after standby mode. 
  • It lets you store plenty of storage in its 256GB SSD. 


  • Its touchscreen is precise. 
  • The keyboard is comfy, and the keys are backlit. 
  • The display is good and wide. 


  • The battery life is just fine. 
  • The sound quality is also okay. 

9. HP Chromebook Celeron N2840

This is also a new model by HP. It is powered by Intel Celeron N3350 CPU that assures you efficient and speedy performance. It is the reason we added this in our list. Its 4GB RAM storage is enough for students to let them store their important documents and note down things comfortably. Its design is also good in looking, and it has fresh white, vibrant colour makes it stand out. 


  • Its design and looks are ultimately great. 
  • It is easy to carry because of its lightweight. 
  • It comes with a lot of connectivity options. 


  • Its battery life is long-lasting. 
  • Its chassis is catchy.
  • The keyboard is comfy. 


  • It does not have a vibrant display.

10. Acer Chromebook 14

This Chromebook is a compact and thin in design laptop that you can carry anywhere you want to. Its display quality is also great that assures you low reflection and anti-glare screen that gives you crisp and clear visuals. Its battery life is also great that lasts for 12 hours straight. 


  • Its modern processor makes it ultra-efficient in working. 
  • Its storage capacity is great. 
  • It comes with one year of hardware warranty. 


  • Its battery life is awesome. 
  • Its display is HD.
  • Its construction is robust. 


  • Not compact. 

Best Laptop for Law School Buying Guide:

There is a variety of laptops available for the law school with tremendous features. Most of them are coming under popular brand names with high-level features and working capabilities. It is ideal to choose one with the relevant and most of the features in the single one. 

The laptops demand quick connectivity and work quality. It is to improve the efficiency of work. In addition, it desires for a high level of data saving and record maintenance. All these trendier features help add to the support system of the law school laptops. 

There are some specific things to consider buying the best laptop for law school. The best laptop needs to hold the following specifications. They are:


It would be best if you considered the speed of CU before finalizing the category of laptop. It should be above 2 GHz. The perfect speed will let you have more space to save plus retrieve the data from time to time. A processor of the medium level is perfect as it will demand less avail of the battery. 

Internal storage

Storage matters, it is essential to have wide storage. You have to keep the fact files, PDF record of orders and laws. So it is a wonderful idea to manage the internal storage of a minimum 1 TB. It will be enough for you. 


The RAM size is essential while buying the laptop. The data updates and record maintenance will surely stay fluent if the RAM is fine. The space and capacity of the RAM will help out the balanced storage of data.


You have to type in a lot of words and other files, and it is essential to have a soothing and fluent keyboard. It shouldn’t buffer and stuck down. The ergonomic and the backlit keyboards are just perfect for the purpose.

University specifications

It is a point in consideration to see your university’s demands as well. The workload, work level, and time limit demands may let you buy a speedy or regular laptop. It is better to have the opinion of your management and teachers before buying one.


The display of medium size can do better. You can also manage the small-sized display. You need to consider the pixel size and quality of display as it will support the presentations. 4K or less display is best for your work.

Battery life

The battery life needs to work in the best way. You mightn’t be able to access the power and recharge of the laptop all the time. It is a wonderful idea to manage a long-lasting and working battery. You may learn to avail of the battery saver features as well. 

WIFI and Bluetooth 

WIFI connectivity is an important feature. The fastest connectivity is generous in maintaining the working and quality of the laptop. The speedy connectivity to Bluetooth helps transfer the data from place to place within no limit of time. 


The very queries that come to mind while buying a laptop for the law school are answered here for your convenience and interest. They are:

What is the best tag name for the laptop for law school?

It is a recommendation to prefer Microsoft surface pro 7, ASUS ZenBook 14, and Lenovo ThinkPad X1. They have the proper features for managing the huge assignments at a time. 

What is the ideal battery timing for the law school laptops?

You need to prefer a laptop that offers full-day battery time. It can be amended by availing the battery saving features too. 

Is it essential to buy a laptop for law school with a huge screen?

No, really not! It isn’t mandatory to prefer huge sized screens. You may go for the medium or small-sized displays. 

Is it essential to have idea WIFI and Bluetooth support in my law school laptop?

Yes, of course! It is essential to have trendy and quick connectivity power to the WIFI and Bluetooth to the laptop. This may help to maintain and run the transfer of files, seeing updates, checking emails, sending data, etc. within no time. 

What are priorities for weight and compactness of laptop for law school?

It is essential to prefer the less weighed laptops as you have to keep them with you from place to place. It will work as a handier thing. 

Final Words

Keeping in view, the trendy and working features of the variety of laptops, the law school demands for the simple and smart laptop. It is preferable to buy a laptop with a normal size but a long-lasting battery. The size of the battery and the ideal adjustments matter a lot. It is also essential to see the storage features to make it perfect stuff for you. The more it is slim and smart, the perfect work it will offer. It is ideal to choose one with more perfection and a high percentage of features for the laptop of law school.