Best Laptops for Lawyers – Complete Buying Guide 2021

Last Updated on February 12, 2021

With the rapid growth in technology, life is getting faster. There’s a vast variety of laptops available. For normal daily users a simple laptop is good to go but for some special professions and for some specific works their special laptops you need to select them according to your requirements. As a lawyer, your laptop should be portable and handy so you can take it with you anywhere you want to, it should be in your budget, it should definitely have high storage, and with all these the outlook of the laptop needs to be really good. As a law student, you need to work hard, a really good laptop is required so you can do your assignments and all other private stuff on it, for all this work the laptop should have good battery timing. 

A law student or a lawyer should select a laptop that meets all their requirements and for the outlook, it should be modern and classy. Studying law is not easy and being a lawyer is a tough job you need to make the right decisions at the right time so here is also some list of all best laptops around, select the right one for you which meets all your requirements and is one of your taste. 

List of Best Laptops for Lawyers

1. Microsoft laptop 3

This laptop has latest-gen processors that provide the lawyers best and improved speed and performance. It has a 13.5 inches touchscreen and a pen which makes it easier to use. With an improved stand by time, this laptop gets charged up to 80% in just an hour. Its connectivity power is quite good. The clean and decent design of the laptop is available in four different colours. It is also very thin and is just 2.79 pounds which is very light. It brings the powerful windows features for the law students, which is Windows 10 Home. With a really good memory and storage, it can be the best option for lawyers.


  • Its battery life is up to 11.5 hours.
  • It is available in four different colors 
  • Has a touchscreen and a pen also 
  • Really impressive Intel Iris Plus Graphics
  • It has an Intel Core i7 
  • Comes with a 16GB RAM 
  • It has a solid-state hard drive interface 
  • Has really good performance and typing format 
  • There are multitasking USB-C And USB-A ports also.


  • If any issues a full refund within 30 days of purchase is available
  • You can select a color which suits your style 


  • You can’t turn off the adaptive brightness
  • Not good for gaming at all 

2. Dell XPS 13 7390

Here is another option highly recommended for lawyers, a 13.3 inches touchscreen and lightweight portable laptop offering fast speed and very good performance. It has a very efficient keyboard and the exterior is sleek platinum color. With sharp resolution, it has a glossy screen and UHD graphics. It is 5.69 pounds and the operating system is Windows 10 Home. The size of the hard disk is 256 GB and the CPU speed is 4.6 GHz. It has a really good memory and has advanced hardware with a webcam located at the top.


  • It has an infinity-edge display screen 
  • It has an epic cinema sounds 
  • It smoothly delivers video streaming
  • It has an incredible dynamic range 
  • The number of USB ports is 2 
  • It has an Intel core i7 
  • It has a 16 GB RAM 
  • The screen has fewer borders and more pixels 


  • There is also an option of a fingerprint reader for security purpose 
  • It has a backlighting keyboard which is good in different environments


  • It has a glossy screen that gamers might not like.
  • The sound of the fans is unexpectedly a bit loud.

3. Asus ROG Strix Scar II

Another really good option that as a lawyer is recommended to you is Asus ROG Strix Acar II which has a 144Hz narrow-bezel display with an ultrafast 3ms grey-to-grey response time. As lawyers have to work for hours on their laptops so the laptops get heated up pretty easily but this is designed accordingly as it has two 12V anti-dust fans so it doesn’t get heated up even after hours of working. The operating system used in it is Windows 10 Home with 6 processors. It has a really good memory, graphics, sound. Weight of this laptop is 5.29 pounds. 


  • It has an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor
  • It has a 16 GB memory 
  • The size of the hard disk is 512 GB 
  • The refresh rate is 144Hz 3ms
  • It has 15.6insches display screen
  • It has great sound speakers 
  • It has a solid-state hard drive interface
  • It has 3 USB ports


  • It has an optimized keyboard layout.
  • It has four additional hotkeys for system control 
  • The RAM and storage can be easily upgraded 


  • The fans can be too loud
  • It is not that handy and portable

4. Apple MacBook Pro

Lawyers need to work for hours constantly for that they need a laptop which should have a really good battery timing and considering that this Apple MacBook Pro can be a wise decision as it’s battery life is up to 10 hours. It has 13.3 inches LED-backlit with retina display. It is available in two colors silver and space grey. Its true tone technology is the result of its brilliant retina display. It has a very powerfully arranged responsive, comfortable keyboard with a touch bar, Touch ID, escape key, and arrow keys. It is 15.6 inches thin and weighs 3.1lb.


  • It has an Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645
  • It is ultra-fast SSD
  • It has 3 USB ports and 2 thunderbolts
  • It has up to 3733 MHz memory 
  • This has 25% more colors than RGB 
  • The wide stereo sound is just perfect
  • It has 32 GB RAM 


  • You can experience a really quiet typing
  • You can easily sync it with your phone


  • It is a bit expensive 

5. HP Spectre x360

It is a really classy and trendy laptop which has a touchscreen with stylus support. The screen size is 13.3 inches. As a lawyer, you need to carry your laptop with you everywhere so it should be portable and handy and the weight of this laptop is only 1.32 lbs which are pretty light. It has a long-lasting battery life in a quad-core convertible, it’s average battery life is 9 hours. The operating system used is Windows 10. 


  • It has a fingerprint reader for the security of the laptop 
  • It comes with a stylus pen  
  • The memory size is 16GB 
  • It consists of 4 processors 
  • It has a privacy camera kill switch for security 
  • The size of the hard disk is 512GB
  • It has an IR cam


  • It has a stylus pen
  • It has a full size backlit
  • It is very light and portable 


  • A bit delicate as compared to others

6. Acer Chromebook 11

The Acer Chromebook is a good choice if you are looking for something inexpensive and small. It is highly recommended for law students. Chrome book runs on Chrome OS which is an operating system by Google. It has a pretty good battery life with the fastest wireless connections. The size of the screen is 11.6 inches and its weight is 2.43 lbs. It has a tamper-proof, effective keyboard. With your google play store, you can access all the apps you use on your phone.   


  • It has two built-in stereo speakers 
  • It works really fast 
  • The internal storage is 16GB
  • It has webcam supporting a high dynamic range
  • It has Intel HD Graphics 400
  • There are 2 processors in it 


  • You can print from a Chromebook
  • It is easy to navigate 
  • It is really functional 


  • The screen is small as compared to other ones  
  • The trackpad can be difficult to use in that case you have to buy a mouse

7. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon has a 14 inches screen with a 16GB memory. The operating system in it is Windows 10 if you want to you can upgrade the windows. For security purposes, it has a fingerprint reader that can be activated on your choice. The weight of this ThinkPad is 2.65lbs. 


  • It has a solid-state drive 
  • It has an anti-glare LED Backlit
  • Has an integrated webcam 
  • It has Intel integrated 620 graphics 
  • It works pretty fast 
  • It has a backlit keyboard
  • It has 552GB SSD 


  • The keyboard is soft and quiet.
  • As compared to others it is inexpensive 


  • Very rigid body, the screen is not that flex 
  • There some complaint about the speakers

8. Pixel Go M3 Chromebook

If you are searching for something light in and way to use then this is an option that you should consider. Pixel Go starts in a few seconds and is really fast with a huge battery life. As a lawyer, you need your data to be safe so this has a  built-in antivirus and security chip so there is no need to worry about it. It’s premium dual stereo speakers are too good that it will satisfy you completely. It has a 13.3 inches display screen and is available in two colors. Both the colors just black and pink will definitely impress you. The operating system used is Chrome Os. It has one processor. 


  • It has a battery life of 12 hours 
  • The keyboard is comfortable in use
  • The keyboard does not produce annoying sounds
  • It has dual stereo speakers
  • It is a fanless design which stay cools
  • The trackpad works really well
  • It has great portability
  • It does not take much time in charging 


  • Sound quality is brilliant
  • The design has a very good grip
  • It has a long-lasting battery


  • People usually prefer flat laptops

9. Lenovo ThinkPad T470

Lenovo ThinkPad T470 is an anti-glare multi-touch laptop which has a huge storage space. It has an Intel Core i7 processor. It has 14 inches of screen. For security purposes, it has a fingerprint print which is really helpful, you can activate it or deactivate it is up to you. The operating system used in it is Windows 10 Pro. It has dual stereotype speakers and the weight of the laptop is 3.48 lbs.


  • It has a 16GB memory 
  • It has a solid-state drive 
  • It performs faster 
  • It has sharp vibrant visuals
  • It has 2 processors 
  • It has a huge 512 GB memory size
  • It has a webcam


  • It has 3 USB ports 
  • It has the best battery life which is up to 13.4 hours


  • It is not easily available  

10. HP Spectre x360

HP Spectre x360 is a two in one laptop which has a screen of 13.3 inches. It has a touch screen. Once you flip the laptop it turns into an iPad. The wireless technology works well in it. It is available in a really nice natural silver color. The processor used in it is Intel Quad-core i7 and the operating system in this laptop is Windows 10. It comes with 5.9 pounds, which is heavy and is not portable. It has a really good microphone and speakers. For devices like laptop phones and iPad, battery life matters the most and this laptop has a long-lasting battery. When you turn the laptop into Ipad you won’t accidentally hit the keys which are the good part cause in these types of devices this happens. It has a backlit keyboard. 


  • It keeps you connected and performs all tasks really fast.
  • It has an 8GB RAM
  • The max screen resolution is FHD Display 
  • It has Intel Iris Plus graphics
  • It has 4 processors
  • The size of the flash memory is 512GB 
  • It has a huge battery life


  • It comes with all the original HP accessories 
  • The outlook is very stylish
  • It is two in one laptop and Ipad which is really convenient.


  • It is a bit expensive  

Best Laptops for Lawyers Buying Guide

There is a set of criteria everybody should consider before buying a gadget. There are several forms of laptops, MacBooks, Chromebooks, Hybrid laptops, etc that are available in the market. Each and every device has different features and purposes but it depends upon the individual user and his requirements which will help him choose the best device. The guidelines will help in making your new investment.


Size plays a major role in one’s requirements. Everybody considers widgets that are accessible, light, and are easy to carry. Especially lawyers travel frequently to different law courts and they need their whole data together, hence portability is one the main things one should consider while buying a new device.

Sound Quality (Audio)

In most law courtrooms lawyers have to show evidence such as audios and videos for which they must have reliable appliances with good sound and picture quality in order to be presentable. Before buying a proper speaker check is a must thing to do. Most of the laptop has a dual stereo speaker which is also very good. 


It is one of the most vital features to consider when you are planning to buy a new gadget. More RAM allows for extra applications to run and helps to attain more data which is skillful for tasks such as editing photos or videos. People who save all their data, all history on their devices should check this surely. 

Screen Quality (Video)

Resolution is one of the priorities of buyers along with the small screen. Multitasking with high-quality pixels with smooth text and icons helps in

efficient working. Fewer borders widescreen and clear screen. A really glossy screen and an adaptive brightness can tire your eyes so choose a better one for you.

Long-Lasting Battery

Lawyers work hard and have no work timing they need to work out throughout the day which requires a really good battery time. It should at least last for 10 hours. Also the time it takes to get completely charged should not be too much. Some of the laptop batteries even last for 14 hours. 

Keypad Quality 

Ergonomics motivates most while working especially for hard workers like lawyers when you have to type a lot and faster so the keypad or the touch of a laptop is another important feature you should keep in mind while you shop for a new widget. Some keyboard makes annoying sounds so a quiet keyboard is necessary


The most frequently asked questions while buying a new laptop are as under:

Are hybrid laptops more efficient than normal laptops?

As per hybrid laptops, they are more modern, accessible but are fragile. For a professional user like lawyers and teachers normal laptops work better as they are reliable and tougher in use.

How much RAM is needed? 

RAM is where your computer saves data. More RAM means more things at once. 4-gigabytes is suitable if you are normally browsing but for playing games you will need a minimum of 8-gigabytes. And for professional users, 16-gigabytes to 32-gigabytes is a must.

What size of the screen is best?

The most popular and suitable screen size is 11 to 13 inches. If it has a bigger size than the laptop would be big and heavy you would not be able to carry it with you everywhere and if it will be too small that will be also inconvenient for you.

What a lawyer should especially consider while buying a laptop?

Portability is the most important characteristic while buying a new device, as lawyers travel frequently to courts and other places and they need all their data together in a small handy device that they along with them anywhere.

Are two in one laptop good for lawyers

Yes! Actually, they are working in the same position might tire you, the two in one laptop is very convenient to use. Good brands should be considered while buying these. It should have a proper flex no rigid body.


You should buy a laptop which meets all your requirements. If you are investing many at once you should check each and everything of the product and if you are not fully satisfied you should search for any other option. There are a lot of options that you can consider, you should choose the one which suits you the best. As a gamer, student, lawyer all have their own requirements for the devices, the best device is which fulfill all of them. You should check different features like RAM, battery life etc. You should do the maintenance of the product if you want your product to last for a longer time.